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life experience and goals

II am a dynamic and adaptable individual. In my life, I met and worked with a set of very different people. I love to think about myself as someone who has a good eye for beauty, however, I do not forget to listen to my client's requests and guidelines.

I’m a self-taught graphic. This means, that since the last time you visited this portfolio, things might have changed a lot, as I’m improving and evolving every day.

As you will discover in the next pages, I have experience working in several different sectors and environments. My goal is to be a creative individual with a syncretic set of skills and a multitude of interests.

Graphic content:

some example

Up left: Backdrop for a theatre club. Down Right: Padova Pride 2023 gadgets designs and mock-ups.

Graphic content:

brand identity

In 2024, the main theme for Padova Pride is “Fuori Lugo”, “Out of Place”. We therefore opted for a space themed visual identity. Here are some of the most recent graphic examples.

Graphic content:


Extract from an online campaign that took place this year in Padua. The campaign had considerable success, bringing many people to the streets on April 22nd. The April 22nd graphic that I created was then also used by the Famiglie Arcobaleno Nazionale based in Rome and reported on many newspaper.

extra: analog photo-campaign

Shootings from a photo-campaing (yet to be relased). I took this oppurtunity to shoot analog as weel as digital.


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